Making a difference is important because it is how we create positive change in this world. At Mountain Grounds a large part and one of the primary reasons we do what we do is to build into others and create opportunities to make a positive impact in not only our own communities but the world at large. Coffee has been a great vessel through which we have been able to make those impacts, and we have seen many blessings through the journey. Thank you for joining us and making all this possible through your support. 

Read on to see how your support is making a difference right now. 

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Hello from your Mountain Grounds Family! Right now we have coffees from some pretty great farms across the globe.
Our current featured Farmers are the Aquilar Family of Honduras. The coffee we purchase from this family farm is helping to sustain not only an entire family's living but is also creating jobs for over 100 people in their community as they grow their farming practice. Since their purchase of the dry mill they are able to be part of more of the process from growing, harvesting, milling and exporting which gives them greater control over the quality of their product. 
These farmers are a large part of why we take so much care and pride in roasting small batches to perfection, to honor the work the farmers put in, continuing to showcase their hard work and maintaining the quality of their crops from farm to cup.